Risk statement

Trading on financial markets is highly profitable but also high-risk activity.

Be careful while making trades in any real trading terminal especially when using a high multiplier.

We want to warn you of the following:

  1. When trading different instruments with a high multiplier a relatively small rate change can result in gains or losses that are proportionate to the specified multiplier. In the case of a loss, the responsibility rests with the trader.
  2. Quotes of a number of trading instruments can change significantly within a single day. In the case of a correct forecast a trader can make a high profit. When the forecast is incorrect he can incur similar losses.
  3. A trader accepts risks of financial losses caused by incorrect, failed communications or malfunctioning of electrical equipment and other systems.
  4. The time of client orders processing can increase in abnormal market conditions.
  5. A trader accepts risks of financial losses that were caused by force majeure.

That is why every trader should carefully assess his/her financial capabilities and acceptable risk levels while performing trading operations.